The Palouse region of Washington State is in the southeast corner of the state and is centered mainly around Colfax and Pullman. It consists mainly of fertile farmland growing  a variety of grains and hay, and  has a rich farming history, which is noticeable as you drive through the region. The land is rich in textures and shapes due to the many different crops and the way the farmers utilize as much of the rolling hills as possible for cultivation. The patterns and textures are enhanced by various colors of crops grown in the same fields. There can be a strip of golden summer wheat with a dark, earthen strip that is being prepared for winter wheat, then a patch of green of another crop that is just sprouting.  Much of the Palouse is easily overlooked because of its relative remoteness. People are in a hurry to "get through"  to the larger cities such as Pullman, Lewiston, ID, or Spokane, staying on the main roads of the region. But  they miss the richness and diversity in the area that lies just beyond the main road. All you need to do is take a turn off the main roads and visit the smaller towns along the backroads, and you will come to see the vast beauty of the Palouse.

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